Technology Showcase

Our 2024 Technology Showcase features innovations and hands-on interactive demonstrations related to technologies that will showcase the new “basics” of manufacturing operations including automation, workforce development, and production. Attendees will experience and interact with recent tech innovations from suppliers, OEMs, or other companies and organizations who support manufacturers.

3D Printing for the Manufacturing Workforce

Workforce training in additive manufacturing (AM) is becoming increasingly important as this industry is creating new capabilities for manufacturers.  We can provide services to train manufacturers in AM that will enable you to get your designs ready to be 3D printed to rapidly prototyping your designs. We have 3D Printer solutions for everyone including manufacturers, educators, designers, and engineers. During the demo sample parts will be provided for 3D scanning, printing, and evaluation.

Ron Robinson
3D Printer Technology

Visual Facility Management

Ever wanted to create a vivid and accurate “Google Earth” mapping of your factory floor and integrate interactive functionality for asset management and workforce training within this realistic digital twin.  Our platform leverages sophisticated 3D capture technology to give operators a powerful tool to streamline employee onboarding, guided training, and factory floor maintenance.

Connor Offutt
Aetos Imaging

Asset Health Monitoring and Industrial Cybersecurity

Ever wonder how to incorporate IoT sensors on factory equipment for easy predictive maintenance?  Learn how commercially available AI-enabled monitoring devices can be quickly installed on factory equipment that ultimately reduces inspection workloads and production line downtime making manufacturers more efficient.

Sean Madhavaraman
Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP)

AR / VR Experiences

Come and experience virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions that can be used to test combat skills, advance safety awareness, streamline production, and even improve decision-making ability

JarMarcus King
J&F Alliance Group Inc.

Robot Tracking Cell

Looking to automate manufacturing operations on the assembly or packaging line?  Witness a powerful pick-and-place robot solution for manufacturing operations that require increased speed and repeatability. Since 1974 Kamflex has produced automated assembly, handling, inspection, picking, packing, and palletizing solutions to the food and beverages, life science, pharmaceutical and logistics industries.

Grant Branch III, Herb Stokes, Robert Knowles

Next Gen Training Technology

Finding a well-trained technician to repair your complex, industrial machinery can be a real challenge these days. Knowledge Architects develops work and learn technologies for complex equipment and systems.  Our Digital Work Instructions allow technicians to follow clear, sequential steps to get the job done right…the very first time!

KA leverages 3D, VR, and AR technologies to deliver immediate results!

Shelia Jordan
Knowledge Architects

MXTZ 360° SMARTSTREAM Hybrid System Demo

MXTZ 360° SMARTSTREAM Hybrid System MVP includes Intelligent IoT (IIoT) devices with miniaturized circuit boards that capture sounds and information which is transmitted via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to MXTZ Mobile Apps and Enterprise Platform as a Service (EPaaS). The MXTZ Mobile Apps and EPaaS features Intuitive and Interactive Learning and Work Management Systems with software that integrates within our MXTZ 360° SMARTSTREAM Media Conferencing Interfaces. The MXTZ System also features scheduling and technological integrations that allows students, teachers, administrators, and staff to achieve the Most Innovative Learning and Work Experiences with full activation and functionality within classrooms, schools, universities, and workplace environments.

James Warner, Ph.D.

OTAware, Your Engineer-in-a-Box

Have you considered what is the simplest and quickest way to integrate ML/AI tech into your factory? This demo will show you how to integrate machine-learning technology that is truly plug-and-play, without a cloud connectivity requirement, that enhances industrial operations by reducing the time it takes to understand and diagnose equipment failure.

Forrest Shriver, Ph.D.
Sentinel Devices

Be in the moment: Experience Just-in-Time Visual Process Guidance

Imagine, visually guiding your workforce through their daily tasks. Vieaura’s Digital WorkOps Platform allows you to compose any industrial work process/ SOP without coding – delivering an immersive experience. With the ability to run on any device (web, handheld, wearable), it reduces onboarding times, increases operational efficiency and improves workforce safety and job satisfaction. 

Shrikant Yarlagadda