2024 Poster Walk

Showcase your expertise in this year’s Poster Walk competition, exploring the theme of  “Transforming the Workforce: Trends and Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry.”

The Sixth National MBE Manufacturer Summit Poster Walk Competition gives minority business enterprise attendees the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and practices related to the state of the workforce. 

The Georgia MBDA Business Center invites all Sixth National MBE Manufacturers Summit minority business enterprise (MBE) attendees to participate in the 2023 Poster Walk Competition taking place during the Summit, August 13-15.  This year’s theme will showcase innovative ideas and practices related to the state of the workforce. This is an exciting opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the conversation surrounding the future of work.

Poster Walk Theme: Transforming the Workforce

The state of the workforce in manufacturing is rapidly evolving. With advancements in technology, automation, and digitalization, the industry is experiencing a shift towards a more skilled and tech-savvy workforce. As manufacturing processes become more complex, the demand for workers with specialized skills such as data analysis, robotics, and programming is increasing.

Many companies are struggling to find qualified talent to fill essential roles, hindering their ability to meet production demands and embrace technological advancements fully. To address this challenge, there is a renewed focus on workforce development initiatives, including apprenticeships, vocational training programs, and partnerships between educational institutions and industry.

To adapt to these changes, the manufacturing workforce is becoming more dynamic, with an increasing emphasis on acquiring specialized skills, addressing the skills gap, and fostering diversity and inclusion. By investing in the development of a highly skilled and diverse workforce, the manufacturing industry can thrive in an increasingly competitive global market. Your poster submission should address one or more of these topics. Please see entry details below. 

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Halo Ramp

2023 Poster Walk Entry Details

The 2023 poster walk theme is “Transforming the Workforce: Trends and Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry”. Entries must be submitted by August 7th, 2023, 5:00pm EDT.

Sample Topics Include:

  1. Highlight successful strategies for attracting, training, and retaining talent. Share insights on diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, upskilling, and talent management.
  2. The workforce in manufacturing is becoming more diverse and inclusive. Tell us what efforts you’ve made to attract and retain underrepresented groups, including women and minorities, by promoting inclusive workplace cultures and providing equal opportunities for career advancement.
  3. Showcase groundbreaking approaches that drive innovation within the workforce. Present case studies on how new technologies, processes, and collaborative practices are transforming industries.
  4. Present initiatives that promote sustainable workforce development. Illustrate how companies are integrating environmentally friendly practices, social responsibility, and ethical decision-making into their workforce strategies.
  5. Explore strategies for maximizing productivity while maintaining employee well-being. Share best practices in workflow optimization, time management, work-life balance, and employee empowerment.

Submission Deadline: August 7, 2023, 5:00pm EDT (no exceptions)

Exhibit Date

Posters will be exhibited during the August 14th Sixth National MBE Manufacturers Summit both physically as well as electronically. Posters will also be showcased after the Summit on the Georgia MBDA Business Center website and in its marketing.

Criteria for Judging

Winning designs will be selected based upon their originality and creativity in conveying the project message.  It should be clear and concise. Posters will be judged by conference attendees through the Summit app.


Winners will be announced during the conference via the conference app!


All Summit MBE attendees are eligible.

Design Specifications

Each poster will be a 24 x 36 original color design. We will print the posters for you.

  • Posters should be in a high-resolution PDF format.
  • Entrants must use the Poster Walk template provided on the Poster Walk page. (Download)
  • Each submission should include the three stages of the project as listed below. These stages can be described through the use of graphs, photos, charts, text, etc.
  • Posters should be visually engaging, concise, and convey key insights.
  • Content should be informative and present actionable ideas or research findings.

How to Submit Poster Walk Entries

Visit the National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2023 Poster Walk website link at mbemanufacturersummit.com/poster-walk

  • Download the poster template.
  • Once downloaded, complete each of the sections.
  • Once the poster is completed, save it as a PDF.
  • Re-visit the Poster Walk page and upload your design. Once uploaded, the design cannot be modified or revisited (no exceptions).

Don’t miss this chance to be part of this year’s Poster Walk competition and share your valuable insights with other industry professionals. Your contribution will help shape the future of work and inspire innovative workforce practices and discussion.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Ieasha M. Jones at NMBEMSummit@innovate.gatech.edu or (404) 483-2926.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and creating an inspiring and informative exhibit that showcases the best in workforce development.