Poster Walk

Enjoy Exposure to a national audience

Stating that 2020 was a bit of a roller coaster is an understatement. It was more like a whirlwind! However, while it presented a great deal of challenges, it also offered numerous opportunities. The one word we can all agree on to describe 2020 is DISRUPTION. Lives were disrupted and so were businesses. Doors were closed but new ones were opened and well received challenges presented themselves.

This year’s Poster Walk competition theme is “OVERCOMING DISRUPTION.” We want to know how your company navigated the disruptive waters of 2020 when the whole world seemed to be drowning.

The Poster Walk is a great opportunity to tell your story to a national audience. We want to hear it; they want to hear it; and hopefully, you want to tell it! The Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center invites all MBE attendees to submit a poster design and participate in this year’s Poster Walk Competition.

Participants will submit details of one project that their company completed while showcasing this year’s theme of OVERCOMING DISRUPTION. We want to get a good look at your disruptions, solutions, and more importantly, your LEAPS FORWARD toward success in 2021 and beyond.


Poster Walk, 2 People Look at poster

Criteria for Judging

Your poster should focus on “OVERCOMING DISRUPTION” and display your processes using three stages of the project.

Stages of Project:
1. Problem
2. Process
3. Solution 

Sample Topics Include:     

  • Disruption in Supply Chain
  • Employee Retention
  • Competition (competition from mega companies)
  • Cybersecurity (new threats surfaced)
  • New Products
  • Attracting New Business
  • Safety Improvements
  • Quality Improvements
  • Reduction in Costs
  • Lead Time Reductions

    Winning designs will be selected based upon their originality and creativity in conveying the project message.  It should be clear and concise. Posters will be judged by conference attendees through the Summit app.

    Poster Walk, 2 People Look at poster

    Poster Walk Submissions are closed. Thank you for participating


    The winning poster will be announced on Thursday the 13th during the closing ceremony.


    *Note that submitting a poster design does not guarantee selection for the Poster Walk Competition. All Poster Walk submissions will enjoy the benefit of being promoted for one year in the Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center ‘s marketing and promotion program that includes web sites, newsletters, and special articles.

    Previous Year’s Winners